Moleskin Art

Just ran across this some great Moleskin art from illustrator & designer Andy Gosling. I really love the way the artist pairs his illustrations opposite some really beautiful patterns.

Reading Room: June Session

For this session we focused on a on a one-night type and image project. Capturing photos from the neighborhood with our cell phones we paired our found imagery with dissected text from a series of Aesop Fables printed in Times New Roman in various weights.

Etherial Beauties

While digging for something good to share I ran across an impressive mother daughter duo who's sculptures immediately grabbed my attention.


I'm always interested in work that's reductive in some way – work that emphasizes simplification and distills an idea into its basic meaning.

The Monobloc

One of my closest friends recently gave me a book titled The Infamous Chair. It's a book dedicated to the Monobloc – that ubiquitous white plastic chair that mega brand stores like Target and Wallmart sell year-round.

Good Lookin’

I really love the clean straight forward visuals of Paul Tebbott's work. His sharp lines that contrast with the smooth, and his use of color is so strong and decisive.

All Types

Looking to do something different with type? Friends of Type is doing some pretty cool stuff with words. Using paper, wood, motion to create beauties like