A Garden In The Woods


raised garden box


For as long as I can remember my parents have grown their own vegetables and herbs when they can. There’s nothing like the taste of food grown in a garden. This summer I decided to grow some stuff of my own, so I set out to build a raised bed garden in the woods. Besides the gardening aspect of all this – it was an opportunity for another woodworking project and to build something…again. I snagged some wood and screws and used my circular saw. That’s about it. All in all it took about three hours to complete from start to finish. Here are some photos of the process. Since I’m trying this out in a heavily wooded area I wasn’t sure if there would be enough sunlight to pull this off. It’s been about five weeks since my tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs were planted and so far they’re loving it and growing tall! Wohooo!!!


raised garden box raised garden box raised garden box raised garden box