A new world order


I am way too preoccupied with the red alerts on my phone. One might call it sad; another might say it is nirvana. I will swipe away emails or open apps just so the red alert will disappear and cleanup my screen space. This fixation is enough to entertain me for hours (in addition to toilet paper rolls). I am fixated on having what I need, when I need it and without the distractions or nuisances.

I carry over my frenzy for organization to my design file space. I have saved all my files on my laptop and external in the same manner and with the same names. I have different folders for each project and every design phase. A big lesson for every design student or professional is to stay organized. Organization includes folders, file names, packaging and linking. The struggle is to find the right method for oneself but also for times when one has to share with peers or clients. And in the design world, there are repeat organization offenders that might need to rethink their computer life.

Justin McClure seems to have a similar viewpoint and has created ‘Get Your Sh*t together’ in response. While ‘GYST’ has a pretty comedic video with a call to action, they also provide useful resources for naming conventions for your files, an appropriate file system, and After Effects folder scripts that individuals can download for free. If those resources do not appease you, then Oleg Mokhov has solid advice for folder control.

Once your design organization is in place, we can sit down and talk about your disturbingly neglected 12,000-email phone inbox.


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Mark Delboy is the studio’s intern this summer and aside from contributing to the blog he’s also the usually driving the music selections too. Mark is currently pursuing a BFA degree in Digital Media Design at the Corcoran School of the Arts + Design at George Washington University. You can catch some of his work on Behance.