Skogen Zine

  Scandinavian-based design studio Orka Collective make some pretty cool stuff.

New Distances

Digital media is becoming a dominant force in today's society, governing nearly every interaction we do and surrounding us on every corner.

Enjoy the Silence

European-based graphic designer Jori has accurately portrayed an aesthetic representation of silence, not just through tangible means—but through sound and vision.

Los Angeles Art Book Fair

Nh.d recently exhibited at Printed Matter's first Art Book Fair in Los Angeles! It was our first time visiting LA and we were excited to show our work for the week-long event.

2012 Upshur Street Craft Fair

Nh.d was excited to exhibit our work for the second year in a row at the Upshur Street Handmade Art & Craft Fair. This year we had loads of new material, and were asked to design the fair's look and feel, which featured a paper forest and even a Christmas Yeti! We introduced our version of the Christmas pickle (pickles being a studio favorite and all) which was screenprinted and hand-sewn, as well as our selection of other screenprinted media, including prints, postcards, tote bags and our booklet rendition of Aesop's Fables, which is a sneak peek into a larger project that's a work in progress.

2012 NY Art Book Fair

Every year Printed Matter hosts the NY Art Book Fair where exhibitors from around the world come to show off their goods.

Mucca Design Lecture

Matteo Bologna will be lecturing at the Art Institue on January 26th. Dont miss it! Matteo is the founder and principal of Mucca Design.