Butt Monkeys, Pickle Patches, & Brown Stuff

Here are some drawings I’ve been busting out recently for fun. Maybe they’ll turn into something bigger, but for now I’m just making ’em to make ’em. Butt Monkeys, Pickle Patches & Brown Stuff is what it’s all about these days. Sometimes what I decide to draw makes sense to others, and sometime only to me. Either way it’s what is in my head right then and there!

A lot of times the words come from silly conversations or random things I hear people say, or sometimes, like with the pickle patch, it’s just because I wanted to draw something silly over and over again. I also think about letterforms constantly – whether they should be serif or sans-serif, silly or straight, or a hybrid of all of the above. Whichever path I end up following, it generally works itself out when I sit down, begin drawing, and get lost in my own thoughts.


Often the shapes that surround the words or objects are the things that turn out to be my favorite elements. It’s the hours of repetition in putting these shapes down that I really get into. I let the chips, or shapes, fall where they may. And I find that the work is at its best when I just go with the flow – otherwise it’s the over-thinking that causes a mess. But then again, messy can look damn good, too!



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