Just a Few Lines

I recently took some of my sketches, patterns and such and screen printed them on an 18 x 24 sheet of newsprint in an edition of 40.

Bit O’ Sun

Here's something that came out of a larger group project. Originally it was attached to part of a story, but I decided that I liked it all on it's own and so here it is.


As part of a self-initiated brief for a foundation project at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, Joseph Egan combines graphic design and architecture to form Anamorphic Typography.

Folding Pixles

There's no questions that I'm always drawn to the simple and elegant – especially when thoughtful. Aggregates by John Houck represents just that.

Reading Room: June Session

For this session we focused on a on a one-night type and image project. Capturing photos from the neighborhood with our cell phones we paired our found imagery with dissected text from a series of Aesop Fables printed in Times New Roman in various weights.

Etherial Beauties

While digging for something good to share I ran across an impressive mother daughter duo who's sculptures immediately grabbed my attention.


I'm always interested in work that's reductive in some way – work that emphasizes simplification and distills an idea into its basic meaning.

The Monobloc

One of my closest friends recently gave me a book titled The Infamous Chair. It's a book dedicated to the Monobloc – that ubiquitous white plastic chair that mega brand stores like Target and Wallmart sell year-round.