Looking Back At The 2015 LA Art Book Fair

One year from today I was visiting a friend in Venice, LA and checking out Printed Matter’s third installment of the LA Art Book Fair at the The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Japantown.

Skogen Zine

  Scandinavian-based design studio Orka Collective make some pretty cool stuff.

New Distances

Digital media is becoming a dominant force in today's society, governing nearly every interaction we do and surrounding us on every corner.

Los Angeles Art Book Fair

Nh.d recently exhibited at Printed Matter's first Art Book Fair in Los Angeles! It was our first time visiting LA and we were excited to show our work for the week-long event.

The Monobloc

One of my closest friends recently gave me a book titled The Infamous Chair. It's a book dedicated to the Monobloc – that ubiquitous white plastic chair that mega brand stores like Target and Wallmart sell year-round.

Newwork Magazine No. 6

I recently received my copy of Hugo & Marie's Newwork Magazine No.6. It's so good looking with it's black and white images and clean layout.