I took a letterpress class with a few friends this summer and this is what emerged. For the last project, a reductive block print, I used an illustration I did a few months earlier of spoons in various sizes and shapes.

Just a Few Lines

I recently took some of my sketches, patterns and such and screen printed them on an 18 x 24 sheet of newsprint in an edition of 40.

Bit O’ Sun

Here's something that came out of a larger group project. Originally it was attached to part of a story, but I decided that I liked it all on it's own and so here it is.

The Spinster & The Belgian

Here's a little illustration I recently put together of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. I'm a big fan of old mysteries so I decided to illustrate two of my all time favorites.

Moleskin Art

Just ran across this some great Moleskin art from illustrator & designer Andy Gosling. I really love the way the artist pairs his illustrations opposite some really beautiful patterns.

Good Lookin’

I really love the clean straight forward visuals of Paul Tebbott's work. His sharp lines that contrast with the smooth, and his use of color is so strong and decisive.

Butt Monkeys, Pickle Patches, & Brown Stuff

Here are some drawings I've been busting out recently for fun. Maybe they'll turn into something bigger, but for now I'm just making 'em to make 'em.