Folding Pixles

There’s no questions that I’m always drawn to the simple and elegant – especially when thoughtful. Aggregates by John Houck represents just that. These prints are produced using a custom written software that generates combinations of a grid size using pixels and a set number of colors. Folds are added that present a curious dimension giving the pieces accents of light and shade.

It reminds me of grid exercises that architect Le Corbusier performed while working on Modulor, an elaborate design system that took its queues from the golden section, written in 1948. Out of these grid exercises came a series of grid possibilities based on a determined size with multiple outcomes. Used primarily for architectural explorations the Modulor also contributed to two diminutional design and inspired typographic designers of the time.

I’m not only inspired by these pieces, but would love to get my hands on one of these to add to my collection of beauties.






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