Into the Depths

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Zwölf is a multidisciplinary design studio based out of Berlin, Germany that specializes in poster and packaging design. Often times, these pieces are formed out of unorthodox methods or materials, utilizing a diverse range of ephemera and mediums to create a body of work that is both unique and creative in nearly every sense.

One of these such pieces was the album packaging for German painter Martin Eder’s black metal/drone side-project Ruin. The album, 1/2 Skull, is a collection of dark, eerie soundscapes straight from the very depths of blackness and suffering. It’s no surprise then that the packaging that encases this sonic monstrosity should be equally as grim. The album is divided into twelve parts, abstract and diverse, so as a solution, Zwölf made the packaging as layered as the music itself, using a combination of various materials such as vodka, fat, blood, ground bones and even aspirin that, when coalesced together, form a black square representational of the deep pit of nothingness and dread that lies within the album. When paired together with the audio itself, the listener almost becomes immersed into this world of turmoil fashioned by two brilliant groups of artists ahead of their time.

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