Studio Muokkaa’s Memphis Style Numbers


Although taking a bold, fluid and conceptual approach to design, Ettore Sottass and the Memphis collective are better known for the bright colors and kitschy motifs in their 1980’s designs. Alex López Becerro’s studio Muokkaa created an inspirational series of 3D rendered numbers for the Spanish magazine Yorokobu. While the artwork might cause some individuals to have repressed 1980s flashbacks, Becerro’s use of squiggly and dynamic shapes not only echoes the Memphis design style but also emphasizes an experimental and fun process towards design.

12yorokobu (1)


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Mark Delboy is the studio’s intern this summer and aside from contributing to the blog he’s also the usually driving the music selections too. Mark is currently pursuing a BFA degree in Digital Media Design at the Corcoran School of the Arts and George Washington University. You can catch some of his work on Behance.