New Distances

Digital media is becoming a dominant force in today’s society, governing nearly every interaction we do and surrounding us on every corner. Animation and CGI are used in almost every film in some way, iPhones and tablets have become the staple of nearly every daily interaction we face; omni-devices that fulfill our every needs and desires for the ultimate convenience. Websites continue to be the primary source of information and news, accessible across multiple platforms that extend beyond the personal computer at home. Yet that personalized touch is missing, and these devices are dehumanizing our experiences, sacrificing the charm and aesthetic of traditional media for convenience and efficiency. With our evolution through technology slowly departing from older forms of media, surely there could be some way to marry these two into one cohesively structured, equally efficient device?

Waldek Wegrzyn has found an experimental approach to this question. Using El Lissitzky’s manifesto “The Topography of Typography” as the catalyst for his concept, Wegrzyn has created a multifaceted project that utilizes elements of web interface, interaction and graphic design, animation, bookbinding and printed solutions that, when put together, form a unique experience that allows the user to see both the art of the book and the technological genius of digital media design married together in a harmonious state of coexistence and beauty. This cohesive blend of different practices and techniques is truly a work ahead of its time—much like the manifesto the project was based upon; a fantastic achievement.








Check out the process here
See more of Wegrzyn’s work here

Post by James Bonilla


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