Preparing for the Design Program Onslaught


Two years of Design school has enforced upon me the concepts of time management and take critique judicially. There is my advice to other students—simple but inadequate, like the majority of Seth Rogan’s movies. While time management seems like a basic concept for students and professionals, Dan Ioanitescu discusses the nuances and approach students should take towards their studies, internships and future jobs.1 Critique is a dynamic and complex process and Josh Berta offers great guidance on how to approach student and professor critique.2 But really, a guarantee for design school success is that students find the most consistent and plentiful source of free food.


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2 Berta, Josh. “Sage Advice, for the Design Student.” Design Observer. Observer Omnimedia LLC., n.d. Web. 06 Aug. 2015


Mark Delboy is the studio’s intern this summer and aside from contributing to the blog he’s also the usually driving the music selections too. Mark is currently pursuing a BFA degree in Digital Media Design at the Corcoran School of the Arts + Design at George Washington University. You can catch some of his work on Behance.