Pretty Sweet Structures

I ran across some sculptural structures that I fell in love with. They looks so playful and interactive, like something that that might appear in a dream – like a never ending, twisting staircase with an endless supply of paths to choose from. This work is so imaginative and approachable and at the same time seems quite complex with its sharp colors and strong lines. Clemens Behr is a German artist living and working in Berlin. In this post I’m showing images from “Avalanche” where Behr uses materials like cardboard, carpet and glass. Some of this work, especially the back and white work, reminds me of the sort of experimental creations coming out of the Theater at the Dessau Bauhaus in the late 20’s. At the Theater performing artists were exploring basic elements of  production in theater and design, focusing on things like space, sound, color and form in which they interacted with once complete. Clemens Behr is also featured in the latest IdN: Street Art Issue.

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